Our impact


Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Visionary Goals.
At NW&E we actively contribute to the Vision Realization Programs through our corporate culture, operations, services, and training.

  • Human Capability Development Program:
    We support vocational training and educational programs for the Kingdom’s young talent through our partnerships and agreements with the Human Abilities Development Advancement Foundation (HADAF); the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF); and a number of training centres. We are also committed to investing in our employees, to nurture their talent and help create the leaders of the future (New Section: workshops conducted by Nesma Water & Energy)
  • Quality of Life Program:
    Our multiple construction and development projects play a major role in improving the Kingdom’s infrastructure, which helps to develop the nation’s urban landscape in Saudi cities. Our infrastructure projects are also important in improving water and electricity supplies to our residential and commercial centres, improving the quality of services to our residents and helping businesses to operate effectively.
  • National Transformation Program:
    Our projects to develop more energy efficient desalination plants and power generation solutions are helping to reduce all types of pollution in the Kingdom, and in addition our piping projects play a key role in ensuring that everyone has sustainable access to clean water resources.
  • National Industrial Development and Logistics Program:
    We continue to be involved in major power generation projects that are improving the supply of energy to industrial, commercial and residential communities, as well as enhancing the competitiveness of the energy sector and supporting Saudization programs and local contribution through the Kingdom’s supply chain.